SRE Registration Process

Register for CCD Classes Today! CCD Classes starts on August 21, 2016

Registration for 2016-2017 CCD classes started. The registration forms, syllabus and schedules are available via SCM website under School of Religious Education header. Please note that the 2016-2017 SRE starts on August 21, 2016.

Registration Process
$50 per student per year is the registration fee.
Registration fee includes supporting books/educational kit for each student.
Payments can be made in Cash or Check.
Make checks payable to “School of Religious Education“.

Following is the procedure to register
Download the Student Registration Form under SRE Information tab
Fill-in the form and return it (via email/in-person) to the SRE registrar
The registration fee can be given in-person to the SRE registrar. Upon admission, the SRE registrar will provide a receipt for the payment of the registration fee.

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